10 Realities…thoughts on the 10 NON commandments! by Dee Ann Stover on Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 2:19pm

1(aleph is first letter meaning strong leader)-I am YHWH your elohim (God) — identity…who is He?  Aleph first day of creation the God defines Himself as the Aleph-Tav strong leader of the covenant of two sticks (seen only in the Hebrew and not in any translation)  He brings together Heaven (the pressing/chewing/character/authority of the waters/womb) and (connection spelled vav -connector/hook/nail…aleph -strong leader…tav-two sticks/covenant/cross) earth (the aleph -strong leader, resh- head, tzadee-righteousness)    


2 (bet house…either in or out, discernment or taking sides)- No other gods in my face– taking authority in Hishouse…are you in or out?


3 (gimel…bear fruit, mature) Make sure His name bears good fruit….respect His character and integrity.


4 (dalet…door) Remember (what you remember, you DO….’remember’ defined  Hebraicly means to speak or act on behalf of) the 7th day of creation to keep it set apart from all who would try to discredit Me as creator and what I am defining in the creation process…because that is what Sabbath defines. Sabbath is spelled shin bet tav…compound word shoov ‘repent/return/press into’ the bet ‘house’ and covenant which is tav…the cross/two sticks together as one!!!  So Sabbath is the door to the house/covenant.  He wants us to look back to the creation story to see what he is telling us here.  Bone of my bone (stick of my stick…two sticks as one), flesh of my flesh (flesh ‘basar’…gospel ‘besorah’!!!).  So we see the whole gospel here in the creation story!  Whole point of the Gospel is two bones/sticks Judah and Ephraim of Genesis and Ezekiel coming as one flesh!  This is repeated constantly throughout scripture if you understand the Hebrew Alephbet!  Just begin to learn it with these videos and begin to search.


5 ( heh… breath) – Honor father and mother for long life…long having breath on this earth!  Honor gives breath to others, relationships and yourself!Honor in Hebrew means liver, heavy respect.  Your father and mother give you breath along with the creator~


6 (vav -tent peg/nail/impale, hook) – Do not murder.  Vav is about connection…but murder is about severing connection. Murder is spelled resh – head first top beginning…tzadee – journey chase hunt… chet-tent wall divider.  So it means to hunt or chase to divide/cut the head.


7 ( zayin…completion/sword/harvesting tool) Do not commit adultery…harvest another’s wife!    Adultery is spelled nun-sperm   aleph  -strong power… pey- mouth, blow, scatter.  So the strong seed is scattered.  At harvest you will not know what you will harvest because the seed is mixed.  Sabbath/7th millenium/Sukkot is the time of harvest and the wedding feast.  To enter the wormwood is the test of the adulterous woman and those who pass this test enter the wedding feast kingdom as the bride. 


8 (chet…tent wall/division/separation) Do not steal…separate or divide property from owner:) 8 is the new beginning of the New Jerusalem and the new week…it is the Shemini Atzeret and   of the Great 8th Day of Sukkot when the Torah is rolled back to the beginning each year and a new Torah portion cycle begins.


9 (tet…good vs evil,coiled snake) Do not speak harmfully or in vain of your neighbor…all forms of speech that might make you look good and him not so.


10 (yud…hand, arm,as a suffix, it indicates first person singular possessive) Do not covet what is possessed by your neighbor!


Look at the 10 plagues of Egypt for clues and links to these10 and all other 10s in scripture.  There is much more than I have found here for you to search for in the treasure of scripture.  Scripture says it is the glory of God to hide a reality and the glory of kings to search it out!


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