Sevens in Scripture… by Dee Ann Stover on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 1:10pm

Sevens in scripture….Sukkot is the 7th feast and so corresponds to the 7th Creation Day/Sabbath, the 7th assembly in Revelation, Laodicea, the 7th spirit of God, Fear of God/Reverence, the 7th abomination, one who spreads strife among brothers, the 7th seal (silence in heaven for half hour), 7th trumpet (two witnesses killed and resurrected, worldwide gift exchange as at Christmas, a tenth of the city fell..10th is the Sukkot offering and earthquake), 7th bowl (earthquake), etc….all the 7th of lists of 7 in the scripture. Also, when Cain killed Abel, the sacrifices which preceded Cain’s anger was a Sukkot sacrifice. Many other things happen at Sukkot in scripture and you will begin to notice them when you understand the nature of the feast intimately and the euphemisms scripture uses to allude to it. When one in familiar with something all you have to do is say a key phrase and it is completely understood. We lack familiarity with the feasts and other Hebraic things including the pictographic language and so have lost the ability to see the multifaceted picture that scripture draws for us.


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