Shavuot/Pentacost, 4th Day of Creation, Giving of Torah and Holy Spirit by Dee Ann Stover on Monday, September 3, 2012 at 7:29pm

Feast #4

Hebrew letter Dalet-door, leaf of a door, gate or page- pathway to life-movement into or out of

center main branch on menorah


4th Day of Creation

sun, moon, stars


Ps. 104:19


Government, signs,

Separate day from night


Spirit of Ruach YHWH

Governing Light

Ez 11:19-20, Is 61, Lk 4:18-21, Rev 21:23, Ps 75:2-3, Mt 17:1-8


4th Church of Revelation


Rev 2:18-29

odor of affliction

maturing work, service and worship of righteous

Ruth 2, Col. 1, Ex 32:1-6, Mt 13:1-23, Acts 2:1-8


4th Abomination

Heart that devises wicked plans


He and his brother both brought first fruits but he chose not to obey.


Shavuot = weeks

Shavua = week

-ot =plural

root is shab/shoob = same root for return, repent, Sabbath, week

taking it letter by letter it means ‘press, into house or family, nailed/fastened/hooked/connected, to see, know, experience’

Pentacost means count 50 days. But that has nothing to do with the real meaning of this.  It is a Greek word that came about later.  It is not about how many days, but about counting 7 weeks after the resurrection or after they left Egypt as the case may be.


The Torah was given on Mt Sinai on this day as was the Holy Spirit at the Temple.  Similar tongues of fire accompanied both and interesting parallels.


Book of  Acts

Book of Ruth

Ruth occured at this time of Wheat harvest.  1st Fruits of Wheat

Eyeshet Chayil = woman of valor/warrior woman

widow and stranger

returns to Land of Israel

sh’ma (hear, understand, obey) Torah/Ketubah/marriage agreement that protects woman

becomes covenant bride in Israel

produces offspring in the Land and Covenant



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