Son=Stone by Dee Ann Stover on Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 12:30pm

Son…uncut stone, Y’shua cornerstone upon which YHWH builds with his other sons/stones…

Stone in Hebrew – eben = ab/av father + ben son…. so you are the father’s son.

As a stone you ‘be’= exist to rest upon the foundation of the son.

You need no mortar, you are NOT to be cut.  YHWH fits you with the other stones which fit in your niches. He does it.  


The world wants to grind you down to dust, mold you into a rectangular brick like all the other rectangular bricks, glue you down to the others with mortar (root of materialism) and build a tower of Babel with you (that is the difference between the Tower of Babel and the Temple, bricks and mortar vs uncut stone).


YHWH wants you to engage your identity as a stone and allow Him to build with you.


Y’shua is the stone that the builders rejected.   Why?  They wanted Him to conform to their brick mold as they want you to do. Choose what building/family you want to be used to build God’s or the world’s. That ‘beingness’ determines what doing comes forth from you.  Speak to the stone and flow comes forth from the Spirit that resides within you…the issues of life.


To flow like rain….that is YHWH’s desire for you…not a rigid building in the natural where mortar cracks, but a spiritual structure with fluid motion, still fitting together but fluid with the motion of life…choose life!


Please forgive me for when I have been attempting the brick and mortar approach…that was wrong. YHWH is building His family…with us if we allow Him to place us where we will fit best in the structure He is building.  We all look different in the spirit and have different function and flow. That is how we are to fit together.  Due to our differences not in spite of them.


The first letter in the Torah is Bet/Beit = house/tent/family. That is the entire scripture expressed in a single letter.  He put it first so we would know his blueprint for our identity as His family/His dwelling is His first and overriding desire for us. Legalism is rigid…letter of the Torah destroys because it is us trying to build with mortar and bricks conforming, but Spirit of the Torah gives life/is fluid and flexible with flow because He places us with interlocking pieces that can withstand some motion.  


I am learning the flow of the Spirit as well as the Spirit of Torah and how they flow together.  Not finished learning yet:)


Dee Ann Stover


Kol Kevuda Bat Melech Penima

All the honor of the daughter of the King resides within


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