Surprisingly Motherly words in the Bible by Dee Ann Stover on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 6:23pm

Today after Israel set we talked about words in the Bible where Mother was the root word. I explain the pictographs as they were understood prior to the Babylonian captivity. The words were spelled the same. Just that prior to this time the alephbet was pictures and after they adopted an different form of writing these same letters. When you put together the pictures you have meaning that comes through. Pray for further insight…we westerners have difficulty thinking this way.


Mother = ’em’ = spelled strong (ox) water (womb, flow)…lifegiver


Truth = ’emet’ = spelled strong (ox) flow (water) of two sticks as one/sign/covenant….mother (strong flow, womb) of covenant (cross, sign)


Faithful and amen = ‘amen’ = strong/ox flow/water sperm/life/quickening….mother of life/action


Fear = ‘ay-mah’ = spelled strong(ox) arm block flow/water behold (man with arms raised) what happens…..what happens when there is no mother to help….what comes from a strong arm blocking the flow of the motherly love


Remember perfect love casts out fear…when the flow of that love is blocked fear gains a stronghold.


Immanuel = ‘ ee-man-u El’ = spelled strong (ox) flow (water/womb) quickens/life (fish/sperm) Almighty = God with us…strong flow of God coursing through us


Nation = ‘la-em’ = spelled authority (sheep hook) strong (ox) water (womb) = belonging to the mother


Loyal = ‘ne-e-man’ = spelled active (sperm) strong (ox) flow (water) life (sperm/fish) = life of the faithful


What we see here is that Hebrew is a language with concrete terms and uses these common terms of family, house, land, biology to also refer to the abstract ideas.


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