Third Day of Creation/Resurrection/Third Feast ~ Bikkurim/First Fruits by Dee Ann Stover on Monday, September 3, 2012 at 6:30pm

Gimel, #3 , camel, ripen, wean a child, reward.  

Resurrection on 3rd day which was also this holy day of First Fruits/Bikkurim

You cannot eat fruit from a tree till it is 3 years old.


Allusions to Hannah and Samuel story (wean) and to Marah, a gathering of bitter waters that Moses sweetened by throwing a stick/tree (think cross) into the waters.


Spirit of Counsel has same root word as tree and bones so these are also symbols to look for in scripture. 


Day 3 of Creation

dry land appears, trees appear, seed bearing plants, springs, rivers gathering waters

seeds are hope because in these seeds are the entire planets offspring till eternity!


3rd Church in Revelation is Pergamum



Hands that shed innocent blood is the 3rd abomination


All these are related and symbolism is employed throughout scripture to this Feast.


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