Torah of My Mother…actually not what you have been taught at all! by Dee Ann Stover on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 8:27am

Sh’ma…so much more than’obey’or even’hearand then obey’…root is ‘shem’- name/character…when you begin to have a deeper understanding of who YHWH is and begin to allow him to show you who he created you to be…the kingdom of heaven ‘shemayim’ begins to flow from your life…that is how I see the definition of ‘sh’ma’! That is how you obey Torah…not an exterior attempt but an outflow you cannot contain!


To ‘keep’ a command is not actually about obeying it…in the Hebrew it means to guard, hedge around with thorns as a shepherd would so the wolves/enemy cannot destroy! Once you understand who is asking you and the responsibility you have been entrusted with…does not the spirit of the living God rise up within you to protect the kingdom from the enemy?


To ‘break’ a command…you guessed it is not to disobey! In Hebrew, to ‘break’ is to throw under the oxen who tread it underfoot to break open the heads of grain for threshing. So you can disobey without ‘breaking’ a command…but if your intention is to destroy the kingdom in rebellion, then that is breaking the commands.


‘Remember’ the Sabbath to set it apart means to make a memorial reminding us of the 7 days of creation with a Creator as opposed to evolution. And to ‘Shabbat’ = ‘cease’ doing ourselves and give God a chance to work on our behalf. I really believe there is not only the spiritual understanding of this daily in our lives but also the portal open on the 7th day for our bridegroom asking to meet with us if we will put down our own pursuits.


 Our God wants lovers not robots to do his bidding! However, His lovers desire to know the ways of His Kingdom, do they not? That is what draws me to His Torah. If I do not know Torah I do not know Him.


 ‘Torah’ is from the root ‘yarah’ which means “to flow like rain or throw something”. This can be a flowing of an arrow from an archers bow, or the flowing of a finger to point out a direction. This is also the root for the word teacher…so it also means the instructions pointed out by a teacher. “Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching [Torah].” (Proverbs 1:8)


 So, I believe that grace and Torah are not mutually exclusive. Everyone has some kind of moral code and traditions they keep thinking it is Biblical. I took time to rethink and cut out what I believe is against God’s kingdom purposes as outlined in Torah and upheld in the New Covenant. I believe Torah is greatly misunderstood because of the cultural differences between Hebraic thought and Western thought. There were laws and penalties (stoning) specifically governing the state of Israel as opposed to people who wish to follow God’s ways who do not live ‘under the law’ of that land.


 However the spirit and principal behind the instruction is what pleases God so it is something I want to walk out through His grace and in His Spirit. Not in perfection. There were never any sacrifices for intentional sin and that is the reason Jesus died to release us from the law of sin and death (not the Torah…totally separate entities). They always were looking forward for Messiah to save for that. It was never a plan ‘B’. Jesus on the cross for the covenant sign is in Genesis 1 embedded in the Hebrew and not able to be translated into English. So it was always there even from creation!


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