Unleavened bread, 2 in scripture


Unleavened Bread…2nd day of creation…binary themes of discernment, separation, understanding…

The cup of Betrothal is drunk by the Bride of Messiah each year at the Passover Seder.  In ancient days, the man would come to the girl’s home and knock.  ‘I stand at the door and knock.’  She doesn’t have to let him in and once he and her father come to an agreement she has to use the Spirit of Wisdom of whether to drink the cup of wine or reject her suitor by not drinking it.  This was the day He gave His life up for her.


Menorah with 2nd light burning…4th is the shumash/servant on which all others are dependent…alpha omega in Greek is Aleph Tav in Hebrew…4th of 7 words in Gen 1:1…In the beginning was the word/aleph tav and the aleph tav was with God and the aleph tav was God!

The following day she begins to use the Spirit of Discernment/Understanding as she Unleavens her life during the week of Unleavened Bread.   What belongs in a Bride’s life now that she is preparing for a new life with Him. This is when He was separated from her and place into the tomb.  So even though he is absent she believes he will return.
During that same week of unleavening, on the day after the weekly Sabbath, as she begins to sense the Spirit of Counsel rise up within her the First Fruits of her discernment comes alive!  She begins to see the first evidences or results of her new choices as she begins her new week.  He is resurrected.


Seven weeks later, on Shavuot, the Ketubah/Torah (marriage agreement and something to remember His promise by) the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) has been prepared and the Spirit/Wind of YHWH her Groom presents the agreement to her for her assent to their covenant.  ‘A time will come when you will worship in Spirit and in Truth.’  Both the Holy Spirit and the Torah were given on this day.
On the new moon of the seventh month, Yom Teruah the feasts of Trumpets, the Groomsmen announce the Bridegroom
with shofars and a pre-wedding party begins in the middle of the night…but also 10 days of awe and examination of the commitment to their new life together. The Spirit of Power to accomplish all that is ahead of her comes on the wedding party.  This is also called the day which no man knows because no one knows the time or day it will begin till the new moon is sighted for this month.  Therefore, I believe this is the day that the trumpet will sound and the 2nd Coming will be fulfilled.


Bet is 2nd letter shaped like a tent, meaning house, 2, in, within, implies the choice to be in or out of the house.  So duing this time of Unleavened Bread the bride makes decisions according to what house she is planning to reside in.

On the 10th day of the seventh month, Yom Kippur the day of the Groom covering the Bride occurs in the ceremony. The Spirit of Knowledge comes on the Bride as she knows and is known most intimately this day!  The wedding day!


Smyrna the 2nd church of Revelation.

Themes of myrrh, testing, humility…

On the 15th day of the seventh month, Sukkot/Tabernacles, the week long joyous wedding party begins in earnest!!!  The Spirit of the Fear/Awe of YHWH comes on her…as she takes the responsibility as Queen of YHWH’s Kingdom!



Truth or lies…the lying tongue is the 2nd abomination…forked tongue!

So you see, the feasts of YHWH are all about growing intimacy with our Groom and growing responsibilities in the Kingdom!
Thank you,
Dee Ann Stover
Kol Kevuda Bat Melech Penima
All the honor of the daughter of the King resides within
Psalm 45:13a

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