Yom Kippur, The Day we are overshadowed and intimately known by our Bridegroom by Dee Ann Stover on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 6:35pm

Yom Kippur is 6th Feast on Menorah

6=letter vav in Hebrew which means hook, nail, connector, conjunction ‘and’, fasteners holding tabernacle together…and Y’shua to the cross!!!


Literally Day-Covering…letters spell ‘cover the mouth of man’ as in ‘stop the accuser from accusing the Bride!’

Jubilee begins, story of Jonah, Jubilees of return and restoration, Separation of sin from nation 


Creation Day 6

Man and Beasts 

Ruach/Breath of Creator in mankind

Unity of Male and Female in Flesh and Spirit

Authority of Creation 

A Living Soul

Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh…bones are related to trees in Hebrew…same word root….therefore an allusion to the cross which joins Messiah to His Bride!!!



Philadelphia is church #6 in Revelation 3:7-13

Brotherly love

Unity in Righteousness

The Bride & Sacrificial Love

Rev 3:12, Is 22:20-24, Ps 75:2-3


Spirit of Knowledge ‘Da’at’ in Hebrew.  Spelled ‘door-understanding -sign/cross’ or ‘dalet-ayin-tav’.

Sacrificial Love, Unity

Gen 2:18-25, Jn. 21:1-18, Ez 9:4-6, Book of 1st John


The 6th Abomination which YHWH hates

 False Witness, Adam Uttering Lies

Adam blamed/accuser of Eve

2nd Adam covers Bride from accuser.


Yom Kippur #6 (whole assembly) on the menorah of feasts mirrors #2 Unleavened Bread (self)…separate self from the unholy and then separate to come together as ONE with Messiah on wedding feast!


Hebrews 11:36-40 tells us that the ones who went before us, patriarchs, etc. need us to be whole!



6th Seal all ‘vavs’ /connectors of the earth are broken and earth quakes!

6th Bowl is nakedness, unclean, breath lies.


6th Trumpet  -‘tails like serpents’ as in garden/lies.



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