The Spring Feasts Unpacked Letter by Letter…Pictograph by Pictograph…


I have spelled each feast letter by letter and explained each letter in the pictographic form.  You take each concept for a word, then begin to pray and consider what the meaning originally was.  So for Pesach/Passover you have the source or beginning which is your decision to agree to the marriage …a support turning you in the direction you should grow (as a tree by a gardener)…then you have the inner chamber which is the goal of your betrothal!  That is how to spell the first feast of the year.

Next Matzah is spelled behold! the journey is birthed!  I don’t have journey listed as one of the meanings of the middle letter because I was looking at a different chart, however when you think of the Exodus…it was a journey where you really were caught away being led step by step so it has the same thought behind it.  When one is caught by a hook…one is on a new journey.

First Fruits (Resurrection Day) has as its root word bekor which is first born.  So it is spelled  family-head – addition-arm- covering…so the family’s 1st addition who covers with his outstretched arm…one way to look at it.

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