Have You Sevened Yourself?



‘Safar’ in Hebrew means count, number accurately, rehearse, a scribe, inscribe, declare, relate, a learned man, talk, tally, a muster officer who makes sure the entire regiment is present and accounted for, score with a pen knife, a writer.   The Hebrew spelling in pictographs is ‘ thorn- mouth-head of a man’.  Take these word pictures as you would symbols in a dream or vision and ask  the Lord what they symbolize according to the scriptural meaning.  These pictures were the spelling in meaning of the original intent of the word in Biblical times.

‘Omer’ in Hebrew means a tenth of an ephah of grain for the first fruits offering approximately 2 litres of dry measure.  Can be translated as ‘heap’.  In pictographs omer is spelled ‘eye- flowing water- head of a man’.

‘Shabah’ in Hebrew is the root of all the seven words…’seven, Shabbat, Shavuot etc.’   The picture spelling is ‘teeth- tent/house/family/in- eye/understanding’.  So Shabah means ‘make an oath or curse depending on whom you make it with…by repeating SEVEN times’.

According to Leviticus 23 this time of year after Passover we are to COUNT SEVEN SABBATHS from the morrow after the SABBATH during Passover week when the first fruits offering OMER of barley was waved till the waving of the OMER of  wheat for SHAVUOT.

There are SEVEN Feasts of YHWH which lead us through our betrothal into our Divine marriage with Messiah.

So have you been ‘SEVENED’ with your Bridegroom?

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