I love languages, analyzing them, strange I know.  I took a year each of 6 languages, studied Linguistics at the University of Iowa.  I had a call on my heart, set on serving God no matter what, and for an unmarried Southern Baptist female that meant only one thing~~ go to a foreign tribe.  With my love for languages and reading Elisabeth Elliott books, my heart longed to be that dedicated that I would sacrifice all as she had done and put self aside to minister to those who had murdered her husband and his friends.  So I studied to become a Bible translator and to go to a tribe with an unwritten language, learn it, take into consideration their culture, apply the international phonetic alphabet to the sounds I heard, create a dictionary and grammar and then begin to translate the scriptures for them, then teach them their newly written language and how to read the Bible and interpret through their culture.  A challenging task.   I had studied Latin, Koine Greek, French and German in High School and more Greek and Chinese at the university, majoring in Linguistics, plus Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology and Ethics.  But personal disappointments and lots of stops and starts occurred along the way.  I decided to diversify a bit to also add teaching English as a Second Language.  However, ultimately life’s twists and turns necessitated a course correction which included marriage to someone not suited to that sort of life and I threw all my energy to creating new dreams.

Little by little God started to show me His plan now that mine was completely out of his way!  Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” helped me know how to minister in the moment watching for God’s hand working around me.  My average everyday surroundings became the field of my new dreams and miracles began to swirl around me as I watched where God was at work and took chances in keeping with what I was seeing.

A friend and I began to study archaeological discoveries, end times and the sun, moon and stars in prophecy, but the Leviticus 23 Feasts kept coming into our focus.  By the end of 2002 we had independently  experimented with the Sabbath or a Feast asking God the significance by keeping a different feast without the other knowing about it and by January 2003 we were dissecting the Torah portions which are read in Synagogues each week in order to see the significance to us today.  It has been a wild journey learning and we just can’t seem to keep up with all God has been showing us from this!

So I began to learn Hebrew on my own.  But while studying the alephbet I noticed there were other more ancient forms.  So I decided to memorize these as well. The spellings were the same, but the ancient form was in pictures progressing to stick figures and geometrical shapes.  As I searched further studying with others, I realized incredibly that the picture meanings added together actually formed the ancient concrete meaning of the words.  From the work of others and my personal research, I began to realize this must be the most ancient language…because it teaches the recurring theme of the Bible from creation in the picture spellings! So that is my goal for this blog…teaching the gospel through the ancient letter/picture spellings.  I believe it proves the continuity and significance of the Feasts of YHWH and other long abandoned aspects of the Bible.

I have heard it said, ‘when you want to change a people, change their language.  They will lose touch with their identity.’

About Dee Stover:

My interests are two-fold,  Bible Teaching from an Ancient Hebraic Linguistic perspective and Essential Oils for physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness (SHALOM).  Analytical by nature, I delve into research and problem-solving in these areas finding concepts not commonly realized.

Married to a multi-talented musician/worship leader (Roy Stover), we find ourselves part of a variety of churches and/or home fellowships rather than a single place.  But that just means we have a big diverse family!  We prefer to walk the high roads of each where they intersect and walk in peace with all.  We have been on staff at Wind and Fire Ministries since 2004 where I was on leadership team 2009-2011 instrumental in bringing these oils to the attention of leadership (who carefully studied the science and scripture behind their uses) and practiced in the prayer rooms how to pray using specific oils for specific concerns along with the leading of the Holy Spirit/Ruach ha Kodesh.

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