Los Lunas, NM Paleo Hebrew Decalogue by Stephen M. Collins

Los Lunas, NM Paleo Hebrew Decalogue by Stephen M. Collins

The 10 Commandments carved in a script like Moses, David and Daniel would have used was known to exist in New Mexico USA since at least 1880 BCE.  Hebrews would likely have come during the reign of King Solomon who had a fleet of ships for extended voyages and an insatiable thirst for knowledge of what the world had to offer.  He was known for amassing much wealth from far away places. 

Lost Identity?

When you want to change a people, change their language. They will lose touch with their identity.

The Bible alphabet was changed during Daniel’s time (Babylonian captivity of Judah).  Recall Daniel was instructed to ‘seal up the book until the time of the end’.  Was this laying aside of the Paleo Hebrew the mechanism to accomplish this?  It is becoming open to us now…are we in the time of the end?