Easy Biblical Passover!

Quick, easy and biblical Passover! Choose one or two bitter herbs (horseradish, romaine,endive are most common choices), and matzah (corn chips are fine) and also grape juice to say yes to your Betrothed in both the bitter and the sweet times! This is usually done before dinner. You may add traditional elements as you wish. I always enjoy the diced apples, walnuts, raisins or dates pureed with a bit of grape juice for the brick mortar…it goes so well with the horseradish!!! Take the blood of Y’shua (grape juice) symbolically for the doorposts of your heart and home.

I encourage you to read through the passages in scripture about the plagues and leaving Egypt during this week prior. http://www.openbible.info/topics/passover

So hopefully you can un-leaven yourselves for that next 7 days (possibly have no-yeast crackers, corn chips or wraps rather than bread) and meditate on the meaning of the three feasts of that week…Passover is one night, but Unleavened Bread is the next 7 days and the Sunday during that is Resurrection Day/ First Fruits of Barley and the wave sheaf offering. And on that day begins the 7 Sabbath count to the Torah (Betrothal ketubah) on Mt Sinai on Shavuot/Pentacost..and the Ruach ha Kodesh/Holy Spirit!

Day 3, resurrection, 1st fruits


Gimel, #3 , camel, ripen, wean a child, reward.  

Resurrection on 3rd day which was also this holy day of First Fruits/Bikkurim
You cannot eat fruit from a tree till it is 3 years old.
Allusions to Hannah and Samuel story (wean) and to Marah, a gathering of bitter waters that Moses sweetened by throwing a stick/tree (think cross) into the waters.
Spirit of Counsel has same root word as tree and bones so these are also symbols to look for in scripture.


Day 3 of Creation
dry land appears, trees appear, seed bearing plants, springs, rivers gathering waters
seeds are hope because in these seeds are the entire planets offspring till eternity!
3rd Church in Revelation is Pergamum
Hands that shed innocent blood is the 3rd abomination
All these are related and symbolism is employed throughout scripture to this Feast.
Thank you,
Dee Ann Stover
Kol Kevuda Bat Melech Penima
All the honor of the daughter of the King resides within
Psalm 45:13a